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We all can do with a bit of extra income each month. Do you have what it takes to become a CBD Café reseller or agent? Do you have a network who will buy these incredible CBD products and probably come back to buy again and again?  We guarantee the best CBD products and we know that you can sell them with confidence. 

 We carefully review all the products we sell in our store. We also only make these products available to you to sell.

All our products are well known and produced under strictly controlled conditions.  

We guarantee top-quality CBD products. There’s no doubt in our products, so your customers have no need to doubt you.

Our range of products will continue to grow as we review, test and accept new brands into our range.

To be considered as a reseller or agent please provide us with the required information by filling out the request  form.  We will review and get back to you.  


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